During the pandemic I have been sheltering at The Sea Ranch, a coastal community in Northern California. With an unobstructed panoramic view of sea and sky, it’s the perfect setting to photograph twilight, the time of day I find most captivating.

Twilight not only refers to the soft glowing light in the sky when the sun is below the horizon but also to a period of ambiguity or gradual decline. These dual definitions have merged as I photograph twilight while the pandemic, climate change, and war disrupt our lives. During this turbulent time, twilight has become a personal refuge, and photographing it a meditative act, a time to be still and to contemplate the effect created by the refraction and scattering of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere. Are these photographs brief flirtations with the sublime, a kind of Rorschach test that evokes memories and stirs emotions, or simply, studies of color and light? These lyrical abstractions resonate differently within each viewer.

Making this series has filled me with longing for things that, like twilight itself, seem so close yet just out of reach. In this liminal space, I see an old world waning and the promise of a new one dawning.

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