Light on the Land takes you on a visual hike through The Sea Ranch, a unique place imbued with magic and mystique, located in a remote area along the Northern California coast.

In the early 60s a developer acquired the property from a sheep rancher, then assembled a team of architects to design a planned community that would gain distinction for being compatible with the environment. A tenet of the team's design philosophy was to live light on the land.

Flash forward 60 years. While hiking a trail at The Sea Ranch, I saw shafts of sunlight boring through a tangle of tree branches, forming a pool of light on the ground. The sight was so powerful, even sacred, that it stopped me in my tracks. 
 At that moment, “light on the land” took on a personal meaning. The next day, I returned to the same spot, at the same time, and made the photograph, Tree of Light, which appears in this portfolio of images.

Thus began Light on the Land, a series in progress. It represents a new and unexpected direction in my photography. Being city-bred, I was accustomed to working in the built environment, not in nature. But the more time I spent at The Sea Ranch, the more its untamed beauty enthralled me, from sculptural rock formations chiseled by the elements to the soaring embrace of a fairy circle of redwoods. Discovering these wonders reconnected me to nature, providing not only new subject matter but also an antidote to the pandemic. Perhaps this explains my giddy feeling of not knowing if I was escaping reality or returning to it.